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IHUB Grant Challenge
Cohort A

IHUB Grant Challenge

Cohort A

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A GRANT challenge for startups leveraging emerging technologies and seeded from research. The startups with a validated proof of concept & build your MVP through the grant.

Only for Applicants who are working full time on developing the solution, Deeptech startups seeded from research labs, solution is either in Prototype Development, MVP, Pilot, or product development stage working in areas of Mobility, Healthcare/Medtech


An EQUITY FREE GRANT challenge for startups leveraging emerging technologies and seeded from research. This is an opportunity for the startups to build MVP through the grant.


  • INR 7 Lakhs Grant
  • Idea/Opportunity Validation
  • Path to MVP (Product and Market plan towards customers)

Sector Focus:

  • Mobility
  • Medtech / Healthcare

About IHUB Data:

IIIT Hyderabad has established a Technology Innovation Hub for Data Banks & Data Services and Data Analytics. The structure of TIH-Data lays foundation for a seamless ecosystem from education, human resource, R&D, technology development, innovation to commercialization. It will generate significant improvement in research, development and higher education in Science, Technology and Engineering disciplines.

IHUB-Data is central to all of the work done in applied AI/ML. The availability of relevant, clean and well-formatted data is one of the major bottlenecks. The IHub Data  will spend a lot of effort in data collection, curation, annotation and access as part of its activities.

At this stage, two broad areas in which the Hub will undertake research and development work have been identified:

  • Mobility:

Data-driven technologies with data gathered from diverse sensors when perceived by an autonomous agent offers immense scope to improve the quality of life.

  • Healthcare:

Data-driven technologies will make certain processes within the healthcare system more efficient, for example, diagnostics. One of the main objectives of this activity is to identify areas in which the country benefit in and collect medical data sets based on which implementable technology solutions can be developed.

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