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The Accelerator Centre is Canada’s number 1 business accelerator dedicated to building and scaling sustainable, globally competitive companies and we’re on our way to building the world’s first #1 full-stack startup hub by 2025.


The UPLOAD Program (PROCOMER Export Acceleration Program) aims to support, through a virtual training program, software development exporting companies in their consolidation or entry into the Canadian market. Your business could benefit from this program if: 


·       It offers services such as outsourcing, staff augmentation, or products with intellectual property.

·       Its line of business serves fintech, retail, information technology, mindmarket or founded startups verticals.

·       Your line of business is within the sectors of Artificial Intelligence, BPO - Business process outsourcing, Big Data & Business Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Adoption & Datacenter, Cybersecurity & NOC, Digital Marketing & Assets Design, Internet of Things, Software & Mobile Development/integration.

·       Exported at least $12,000 in the last year.

·       It has a payroll of less than 100 employees.

·       The legal representative of the company is a Costa Rican citizen or a person with duly legalized immigration status (enable button to attach ID)

·       Have experience providing services in the North American market (desirable).

·       Has 2 representatives available to participate actively in the program, both with advanced oral and written English skills

·       The team seeks to venture into stages of growth, expansion, and new business models

·       You are registered and up to date as an employer (if you have workers) or as an independent worker (if you do not have workers) in the CCSS. (Enable button to attach proof or evidence)

·       It is up to date with tax obligations (Ministerio de Hacienda). (Enable button to attach proof or evidence)

·       It is registered in the National Registry (Registro Nacional).

·       It has the Single Exporter Diagnosis of PROCOMER (Diagnóstico Único Exportador. This requirement is not imperative to complete this first application form. If you don´t have it, PROCOMER will complete it later with you).

·       Be willing to sign a contract with the INA.

·       Be willing to sign a bill of exchange for the INA contribution.

·       Assume 10% contribution of the service's total cost ($2,028.00 + international bank transfer costs)

·       Not have any commercial relationship with the INA 

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