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Innovation Challenge

FlexE Innovation Challenge

Innovation Challenge

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“FlexE Innovation Challenge” Design Flexible Electronics Application

FlexE Innovation Challenge initiative is the part of NCFlexE (National Centre for Flexible Electronics) and MeitY’s slew of measures to respond to today's changing environment in a reiterating the need and importance of quick and reliable technology solutions in the area of flexible/printable in accordance with local needs.The initiative is a part of efforts to encourage engineering innovation in the emerging area of flexible electronics while bringing together entrepreneurs’ industry, and academia in this area. 

The National Centre for Flexible Electronics (NCFlexE) was set up as a Centre of Excellence at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur in 2014 with financial support from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India, and IIT Kanpur.  The vision of this Centre set up as a part of ‘Digital India’ initiative, is to catalyse the development of domestic industry in the field of large area flexible electronics, and this vision is being executed with the Centre serving as a bridge between the academic ecosystem and the industrial ecosystem. Large area flexible electronics is an emerging segment of electronics that allows development of new applications by integrating intelligence in the form of electronics directly on flexible substrates such as plastics, paper, textiles or metal foils – and this opens up new possibilities of developing conformal, flexible, lighter and more robust applications.  The emerging technology of flexible electronics is rapidly growing worldwide.


1.    Why this program

Future of pervasive and large area flexible electronics is crucially dependent on innovation at this stage of development. Providing a discovery platform aided by prototyping facilities can kick-start this emerging area brimming with possibilities of novel applications and future-ready large-scale manufacturing techniques.

In the current market scenario, quick implementations of innovative solutions are of essence, and effective models of collaboration hold the key to success. The programme is envisaged to catalyze this space of innovation by bringing together stake holders in industry, academia and businesses. 

2.    Priority Areas:

Emerging technology area

3. Implementation Mechanism and Evaluation Process:

The proposals received in the portal will be scrutinized as per norms and all the proposals / ideas would be evaluated by a team of experts constituted by NCFlexE and shortlisted into two categories for the award of prizes.

Total no of prizes: 5 (five) 

Ø Category A :Excellent ideas – disruptive innovations (2 prizes):  Rs 1 lakh each

Ø Category B : Good Ideas – for successful products (3 prizes):  Rs. 50000/- each       


4. Timelines:





Launch of Call for Proposals



Last date of submission of proposals



Screening and evaluation by experts



 Award Ceremony

By 30/03/2021


1. Eligibility Criteria:

 For wider coverage and maximum participation across all levels of innovators, relevant innovative ideas are invited. Start-ups and SMEs are especially encouraged to participate in the innovation challenge.

 Following conditions are to be met.                                                                               

‘A plan for an innovative design prototype for an useful gadget/application of Flexible Electronics.’

·      The suggested prototype must have flexible electronics as one of its core design element or key component.

·      It must be innovative in design or in identification of the use case.

·      The prototype may involve a combination of flexible and conventional electronics              

·      The printable components can in principle be realized by any of the techniques of two-dimensional printable electronics such as: Inkjet, Gravure/Flexo, Screen, Slot-Die. You may like to consult typical specifications and limitations of some of these methods at https://ncflexe.com.

·      The application may involve printing conductive features (typically using silver, copper, carbon or polymeric inks) or passive components on flexible substrates such as plastic, paper or cloth using two dimensional printers.

·      The domain of application should be of relevance to any of the unmet needs in the Indian context. 

·       It preferably should require in-principle production at large scale, with possibility of making it eventually cost effective.

·      The domain of application is not restricted, but some indicative areas are viz. health-care monitoring, education and ease of living, etc.


2. Shortlisting Criteria


The submitted proposal / designs will be judged on the basis of  


(i)            Innovation in design

(ii)          Compelling use case

(iii)         Role of flexibility and printability in the overall design

(iv)         Clarity of steps involved and feasibility.


·     The Winning Team will get a cash awards / prizes and would have a chance to participate in prototype building through an appropriate mechanism as per the needs identified by an expert team of NCFlexE. 

·     Apart from prize winning models/ideas, short-listed innovative ideas will also be recognized with Special Mention Certificates and will be recommended for possible follow-up action.


· Participants can gain by visiting the NCFlexE website for useful information regarding processes or materials.

· Any enquiries regarding further clarifications of feasibility etc. will not be entertained by NCFlexE.

· The employees or others associated with National Centre for Flexible Electronics are not eligible to participate.

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