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Call For Proposals 2020


Call For Proposals 2020

Accepting Applications from

“SASACT” (Scheme for Accelerating Startups around Post COVID Technology Opportunities)

Scheme in Brief

SASACT initiative is part of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology's (MeitY’s) slew of measures to respond to today's changing environment in a reiterating the need and importance of quick and reliable technology solutions in accordance with local needs. SASACT envisages supporting electronics hardware/ ICT based tech startups for developing or re-purposing technologies, tools, systems, solutions to respond to the post COVID-19 scenario with action areas identified as smart/ digital manufacturing including 3D printing, Digital health/ Medtech, Edutech, Fintech, Work From Home (WFH) and other solutions deemed fit for post Covid-19 world. Rs. 9.6 Crore is provisioned for supporting eligible startups to augment and deploy into the market select technology productsin a span of 11 months from 01st October 2020. The scheme does not envisage support to ideation stage startups. Startups (Scaling Stage) who have already tested their prototypes (hardware/software innovations) with or without any user agency and are seeking further validations before becoming market-ready with a demonstrable demand are therefore encouraged to apply.


1. Priority Areas

The priority areas of Start-ups for Scheme for Accelerating Start-ups around Post COVID technology opportunities (SASACT) are:

Ø  Ensure effective and secure IT infrastructure for remote access

Ø  Contactless interfaces and interactions

Ø  AI based monitoring and surveillance

Ø  Establishment of common information sharing approaches

Ø  Enablement of Digital Health including diagnostics, testing monitoring, and treatment

Ø  Digital financial inclusion across locals in remote India

Ø  Smart remote education and evaluation system

Ø  Cybersecurity mechanisms and mitigating data breach challenges

Ø  Innovative technologies and solutions for self and autonomous operations

Ø  Any other emerging technology area


2.     Implementing Agencies(IAs)

Start-ups for Scheme for Accelerating Start-ups around Post COVID technology opportunities (SASACT) is to be implemented through the following four IAs:

(i)       Foundation for Innovation and Research in Science and Technology (Start up Incubation and Innovation Centre SIIC), IIT Kanpur

(ii)           Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SINE), IIT Bombay

(iii)         Coimbatore Innovation and Business Incubator (Forge Accelerator), Coimbatore, and

(iv)          KIIT Technology Business Incubator, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar 


3.     Total number of proposals and support mechanism

A startup fulfilling the eligibility conditions as mentioned can avail a maximum support upto Rs 40 Lakh for proposed technology product/solutions. A total number of 40-50 proposals will be supported under the scheme. The grant will be divided into two tranches that will be released in a phased manner based on designated milestones to be intimated at the time of approval of the proposal. Typically, the first tranche would be for augmentation of the product and next tranche would be for deployment of the product.


4.     Implementation Mechanism and Evaluation Process

Startups need to apply online through MeitY Startup Hub(MSH) portal. The proposals received in the portal will be scrutinized as per norms and all the shortlisted proposals would be put up for implementation through the 4 designated Implementing Agencies keeping in mind geographical locations, scope of technology, area of work and preferences, if any.  During the scheme period startups are expected to work upon and accelerate the production leading to commercial launch of a ready-to-scale minimum viable product in any of the areas described above.




5.     Eligibility Criteria for Start-ups

For wide coverage and maximum participation across all levels startups are encouraged to apply with the following conditions are to be met.

I.       Startups: Applicants willing to propose and develop solutions must be:

1. A Startup incorporated as a private or public limited under the Companies Act, 2013 or the previous Act 1956 and should not have raised the investment or revenue more than Rs. 10 Crore.


2. Should have recognition of under the latest notification of DIPP available at http://startupindia.gov.in. {Indian company: 51% or more shareholding is with Indian citizen or person of Indian origin}.


3. Should have incubated in an incubation centre or technology/ research park supported by the Central or State Government. Letter from incubation centre or technology/ research park should be submitted with the application.


II.     Also, the applicant would be required to furnish the proof of such registrations and necessary balance sheets.

III.  The applicant should have a working technical prototype which is being proposed to reposition in light of changing business paradigm of post Covid-19. The scheme does not envisage to support ideation stage startups. 

6.     Timelines





Launch of Call for Proposals



Last date of submission of proposals



Project initiation




Prototype scale-up to market deployable product with beta testing and regulatory approval (if any)

By 30/04/2021


Go to market

By 30/09/2021


Demonstration of successful deployment

By 31/10/2021

Contact Details:

MeitY Startup Hub 
Ministry of Electronics and IT, MeitY 
Electronics Niketan, 6 CGO Complex
New Delhi 110003
e-mail:- meity-sthub@gov.in
Phone:- 011-24301419

*The application form can also be submitted as attachment while filling the online form under the Question 8 “Attach the proposal”. The  "Sample  form" is provided in the "attached document" section below.

**The template for declarations are also provided in the "attached document" section below.

Template_51% sharehol...
Template_NOC for IP ....
Sample form.pdf
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